Kid at heart

Some people spend their "Friday after" knee deep in crazed shoppers trying to get the best price on whatever hits their must-have lists for the holidays. Not me. At least not this year. (I do confess to storming the doors of a particular craft store at 5am one year so I could use a 60% off coupon on a particular wooden train set only to return two hours later to use the 50% off coupon on smiley faced trains for said set.)

No, this year I spent "Black Friday" at a children's museum in upstate NY near the in-laws. We spent last year much the same way and with good cause. The moment we mentioned a potential return visit my now four-year old began to shot off a long list of questions relating to whether the things he remembered (quite accurately) from last year would still be there. Luckily the answer was yes, plus a whole lot more.

I'm not sure which of us enjoyed the visit most - it's a toss up between me and the two people under 4 feet tall that are in my charge. I do know that Logan did not enjoy my favorite excitement as much as Meg and I did. He had this notion that butterflies actually LANDING on you was quite horrific and not nearly as much as fun as knocking over giant chess pieces in the Giant's (of Jack and the Beantalk fame) playroom.

I (as well as the two other adults and the two-year old) found the butterfly garden to be nothing short of amazing. My only disappointment is that those two beautiful bright blue insects did not stay still long enough for a photo. And that's fine. Perhaps I'm just a glutton. I did get photos like this (click to view larger image):


Thumper said...

Trips like that are one of the things I miss about having young kids. Somehow I don't think my 23 year old would be as excited about a trip to a children's museum ;) But 15 years ago...we had some awesome visits to places like the St Lousi Science Museum.

Michele sent me :)

srp said...

Here from Michele.

Don't feel bad. You should have seen how disgracefully I ran around the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens trying to get those gorgeous butterflies to sit still for a portrait! But since it was a visit and I don't live there, I dispensed with my pride and went for it.

Great pictures BTW, I don't think I've ever seen the last variety before.

Wordnerd said...

Gorgeous shots! And I don't blame you one bit for skipping the Friday madness...that kind of stuff makes me feel terrible about the holidays!

The Flamingess said...

Hi from Michelle. Love the butterfly pictures

Cath said...

Gorgeous pictures, glad you had fun!

Paige said...

They are very, very hard to photograph. We go to our butterfly exhibit every few months. I keep trying. Some are ok some are blurry and sometimes just as I focus, the little thing has to fly away. Beloved tells me to "just aim and snap" Both ways are the same, lucky sometimes and not others.
But is always fun to try!

Carmi said...

I'm just now getting my breath back after seeing your pictures. Stunning.

Your husband and kids should be thankful that they have a wife and mother with such sensitivity and vision.

Have a safe trip home.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Great pictures, Sandy....I particularly LOVE that last one...it is such an unusual shape and such lovely soft coloring...! BEAUTIFUL!!!
Sounds like a very special place!

Two Sirius said...

I NEVER shop on Black Friday. I'm just not quite that masochistic.