Holy Crap!

So I've been walking around in this fog of comfort thinking to myself 'Hey I'm still in the 20-week stretch of this pregnancy (I'm now 28 weeks) and I have a good solid 3 months till this baby could show up.' The it hit me like a ton of bricks last night - Holy Crap! Full-term is 37 weeks. That means that in theory, I am at full-term in just 9 weeks. 9, people! I said 9.

Sure, that's still 2 months, I know there is still time and all that - but really now, I feel suddenly so very much out of control and totally unprepared. My child has no room yet - its still a storage spot for bags and bags of baby stuff as well as Dad's closet and general collection o' junk. I haven't even really started her memory quilt. I haven't moved my oldest to his bed. I haven't done a lot of things...and now I will be full-term in just 9 weeks. NINE!

Of course, when I was induced the last time the boy had absolutely no indication that he had plans of arriving anytime soon. He was born 10 days prior to his due date, but I am CONVINCED that I would have been induced two weeks past due if he had had his own way. So armed with that I also stop to realize that in theory this baby could still have a good 14 weeks left to cook.

None of this is new though, I've said all along that I was pretty much blocking out the entire month of September as a potential birthday for this child. . .I guess it just dawned on me how close September really is!

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