Here is the tale of two blogs - one meant for family consumption, written all about the boy himself and the other just a place for me to stretch a creative muscle or two and to let out whatever thoughts are currently swirling through my head. Welcome to the second one.

So who am I? I will remain unnamed, although chances are at least some of you reading know exactly who I am because I sent you the link. The rest of you will know of me because I am the woman that drives by you on the highway - the one you curse under your breathe for going a bit too fast maybe or maybe not fast enough if you live in Jersey. ;) I am the mom of the toddler who yells "HI" at you when all you wanted to do was run into the store for a loaf of bread unnoticed by the world. I am the woman who sighs deeply as you sneak 17 items into the 10-items or less express lane in Target. I am the woman who smiles at you knowingly when you order that double shot expresso mocha latte with skim milk and whipped cream.

I am just your average, ordinary woman. I have a job I'd love if it wasn't for a boss I hate. I work part-time. I mother full-time. I am wife. I am homemaker. I am struggling, insecure writer trying to overcome self-doubt and fear to actually be a real honest to goodness published writer. I am a passionate person with a fiery temper I fight to control. I have no patience. I have a warped sense of humor. I have a need to let out all the words and thoughts that are pent up in my head and heart - and so now I have this blog.

Welcome to it. Welcome yourself to comment on it. You're welcome to hate it or love it (or even just feel overwhemlingly indifferent to it.) You're welcome to ignore it from here on out. Just let me have my space to be me - pure, unadulterated, exposed soul me.

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