Take me back to '84

Tonight I was 11 years old again.

As a child of the 80s it shouldn't be a surprise that I did my time as a Knight Rider groupie. I was 9 years old when "The Hoff" was cool and a black T-top convertible was THE car to pine for. From it's debut in 1982 to it's sign-off in 1986(yes I had to look those dates up) I watched faithfully. For my best friend and I, Knight Rider was the grade-school, and then junior high, equivalent to water cooler fodder.

Tonight the latest attempt to revive a little 80s flair took to the air. I watched. How could I not? I watched and I found myself glued - again. I'm not reviewing the made-for-TV-movie-pilot-in-disguise. I didn't watch it with an eye towards it's own merits. I watched it as the catalyst to take a trip down memory lane.

For a few hours tonight I was 11 again and it was 1984. The chill of a winter wind and rain storm meant nothing to my feet thanks to my beloved wigwam socks. My copy of Thriller was idle in my boom box - who can listen to the one-gloved wonder when "my" show is on, especially when, for a few hours anyway, he wasn't some freaky, bleached out middle-aged guy? My big poof 80s hair was doing it's big poof thing.

The moment it went off, 2008 came trickling back. Of course, I did manage to use my non-80s-esque Internet access to email the aforementioned best friend a little water cooler talk. While we're sipping our virtual beverages let me ask you - do you think KITT is any good at disipline? Can I get my mommy-car outfitted with that voice module?

Seriously though, now all I need is for Scarecrow and Mrs. King to make a comeback.


modmom said...

i think you need some vegan allergy friendly cupcakes! congratulations you won my divvies valentine's giveaway for a dozen allergy friendly cupcakes :)

please send me your mailing address.


Anonymous said...

I missed the first Knight Rider? How in the world did I do that. Oh, I am so mad now. I really wanted to see it too. Urgh. I'll have to see if it's on the net now.

... Paige said...

I enjoyed that show and loved KITT.
Congrats on winning the cupcakes

Anonymous said...

The 80s were awesome! ;)