Google images don't fail me now

This morning we made an important discovery. One of the bottom center teeth in the boy's mouth is loose. At 5 1/2 years old, its his first loose tooth. To say he's excited is an understatement.

After running laps around our house yelling "“MY TOOTH IS LOOSE!!!”, he made a couple of phone calls - Grandparents and Daddy. He insists that Dad tell the boss too. Being a good listener (sometimes) Dad does just that. The boss, being humored by a 5 year old, sends home a gold dollar coin.

By dinner time, Logan had regaled a slew of people with his news including: Grandma, Papa, sister, Dad, Dad's boss (indirect), the bus driver in, the substitute teacher, the art teacher, the kids on the bus to and fro, the kids at his table in class, the bus driver home. I'm sure if he could have figure out how to do it he'd have commandeered the PA system at school too.

When he's not talking about that tooth, he's wiggling it with his finger or his tongue. That thing is going to pop out sooner than it may want to. I find comfort in the fact that there's a gold dollar sitting in my jewelry box - something I had discovered was erroneously given in place of a quarter weeks after the fact. When I made the fine in my "spare change holder" in the car I stashed it away assuming sooner or later we'd find ourselves right where we are.

But then there’s tonight. The boy is going to be the death of me. Here, ease drop on our conversation as I tucked him earlier:

Logan (seemingly out of no where) – What does she do with them?

Me – Who do with what?

Logan – The teeth.

Me – You mean the tooth fairy? Umm, well that’s a good question. What do you think she does with them?

Logan – I think she uses them to build a castle. Or maybe sculptures in her garden. That’s why she leaves money. She’s buying them.

Me – Maybe she just uses magic to change them into money.

Logan – No. She’s building something. Instead of money I hope she leaves me a picture of what she’s building.

Me – Oh, wow, yeah, that’d be neat.

Logan – Instead of a paper dollar, I hope she leaves me a quarter dollar like the boss gives you.

Me – Logan, that’s not a quarter-dollar, that’s a whole dollar. A gold dollar. It’s just the size of a quarter.

Logan– Ok, well when my tooth falls out I hope the tooth fairy gives me a golden dollar AND a picture of what she’s building.

Ugh! Ok, so now I’m off to find a photo I can pass off as a tooth sculpture. Drat. I hope that tooth hangs in for a good month or more. I’ve got work to do!

(Oh and for lest you find yourself in the same predicament some day - Google Images came through again. Do you know there's an artist from Ballarat [Australia] that builds sculptures with teeth? Yeah. I know.)


... Paige said...

I want one of them golden dollars too.
That is too cute. A real live tooth fairy in Australia. What a find you have made!

Carmi said...

I love how little boys can get so wrapped up in something as routine as a loose tooth that all else ceases to matter as they spend every last iota of their energy on ensuring everyone around them is as involved in the process as they are.

Only it isn't routine at all. They teach us that. They teach us to find wonder in whatever it is that's touched our lives that day.

Good going with Google Images. I swear I don't know how our parents lived without the Internet!

M&Co. said...

And my question, which I usually don't ask, is what are you going to do with it? And I only ask because I have a baggie full of the GirlChild's baby teeth and I'm not sure what to do with them.

Sandy said...

M&Co - You know, I have no idea. Maybe we should pull together our toothy resources and build a castle. ;)

Actually I'm pretty certain my mom just threw them out. I thought I *might* save the first one, but I don't know. It seems a little...ick.

Carmi - My children have also made me realize how very reliant I am on the Internet. Someone ease dropping on our family would likely hear the following at least once a week:

Child asks off-the-wall question.

Mom says "Good question, I'm not sure."

Child says, "Well, why don't we go google it."

Yes, google is a verb in our house and it's a verb we engage in often.