One of those blatant Mommy-brags

Logan's been tinkering with his shoe laces in recent months. He gets about as far as a string of knots before he throws his hands up and announces the task of tying a bow simply impossible. He'd given up trying, having informed me that he would only be wearing Velcro for the rest of his life if I refused to tie shoes for him. Thankfully, he gave up that idea. Something got him motivated Friday morning, although I'm still not sure what:

I know what motivates Megan. He's in the photos just above tying his shoes. Now that she's got letter recognition down pat, she's decided to pick up on one of Logan's latest hobbies - writing things. Meg's been hard at work trying to write her name. The photo speaks for itself:

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CPA Mom said...

Hi Sandy - just trying to catch up with my fellow soccer moms - you know, we have the EXACT same easel and my son has the EXACT same tennis shoes. Now if I could only get him to tie HIS shoes.