Take 8 - a meme

It's been a while since I've been tagged to do a Meme, so when Nikki over at The Guilty Parent tapped me yesterday I figured why not.

It's a simple one - I've got to list 8 things about myself people may not know and then I get to tag eight of you play along. Granted, some of you may know at least a few of the things on my list but humor me and act surprised nonetheless. Oh, and just because you don't see your name on my "you're it" list doesn't mean you can't play along too. And if you DO end up on my list....well be kind. I know you're not all "meme" people but this is an 'easy' one.

Here we go!

1. I had my first article published at the age of 10. I was a children's book reviewer for a program run by our library and local newspaper. The library gave me a book. I wrote a review. The paper ran it the Sunday edition. My "salary" was a pre-release copy of a new book.

2. I earned both my Silver and Gold Award in Girl Scouts. If you're not familiar with them - the Gold is on par with the boy's Eagle Scout award.

3. In 8th grade I won first place in the school science fair. I went on to win honorable mention at the state level. My project fell into an engineering category. I work for an engineering firm today -- although not the displine that would have any use for my little project.

4. For an assignment in a social pysch class in college, I took a male friend of mine shopping for engagement rings -- for him to wear. Want to see a jewlery store clerk panic? Tell her the guy is going to wear the diamond solitaire. Want to get a sizer off a finger it's too small to be on because the lady jammed it on the guy's finger in shock? Use LOTS of hand lotion.

5. I played violin for many, many, many years. During that span I won "most improved" honors, sat 1st chair in the 2nd violin section, sat 5th chair in the 1st violin section, sat behind an amazing violinist with multi-colored spiked hair (I'm talking blue, red, green....) and spent an afternoon with my instrument hooked up to an amplifer.

6. I had a district court judge in my dorm room once who tactfully ignored or did not notice the 'artistic' photo of a pot leaf. ;) It's a long story and no the judge was not related to one of my roommates.

7. I spent one spring break in London. It cost me a whopping $150 - that includes airfare and lodging. It's a perk of attending a college with one of the largest study abroad centers in the nation. Perhaps some day I'll explain that one more.

8. I was once dared to eat chicken's feet at a restraunt in Philadelphia. I declined to take the dare. Other people I was sitting with did not. Have you ever *seen* someone eat little breaded chicken's feet? Ewww.

The next 8? Hmmm....

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for tagging me for this. I will work on it and get it posted by Monday, I hope.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL, LOL...I LOVE the Chicken Feet one....!
Well, I will try to get to this sometime next week...But I don't know how much is left that people don't know...I've done two hundred things about me already....LOL!
But, I will try, my dear...AND,

Thanks so much for the Birthday Wishes....I am celebrating all week!

Melessa said...

Playing along today! (And I'm glad to know I didn't miss much when I missed Titanic.)

kate said...

Wow, what a cool assignment for your social psych class! Interesting...

And when I was in Costa Rica I was invited to dinner at the home of a very poor family and they killed a chicken for the meal and one of the kids got the (boiled) foot. I got a more choice part-- don't remember which, but I was very grateful for their hospitality and for the fact that I didn't have to try to choke down the chicken foot/leg just to be polite...

Nikki said...

Those were sooo cool! Thanks Sandy for playing! Now I have to say the chicken foot thing... that was NASTY! I was blessed with a great imagination and right now I wish it didn't work!

Happy 4th of July!