Happy Mother's Day, Birthday and while we're at it Annivesary

May is a busy month in this house. First there's Mother's Day (which, I must say Logan is doing his very best to make very special). Then there's my birthday (a week from Wednesday) and then on the very last day is our wedding anniversary (10 years this year!) Usually there's a lot of smaller gifts on each occasion that I tend to order online myself or specifiy on a list that the guys stick to religiously. This year, however, the big guy decided to venture off on his own and do something special.
And special it is.

Knowing my passion for taking oodles of photos and my downright lust for the digital SLRs, he went and bought me one! I am like a kid on Christmas with my new Nikon D80. Anyone have any tips to share with me about it?

Now clearly, one can not comment on a new toy that takes pictures without sharing a picture! This one was one of the first I took with the camera (and admittedly run through the graphics program to brighten and sharpen a tad.)


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Wow! What a great picture (and a nice flower!) and what a great gift! Happy Belated Mother's Day, early B-day and early Anniversary! (mine is the 27th, 7 years)